Sunday, March 1, 2009

How to get out of things

Well, I discovered how to get out of ward activities, cleaning the church, and teaching my lesson. Crash a snow mobile. That's right I crashed. Not bad for my first time! It must have been so funny to watch. I thought I was being so careful. I thought okay take that little hill. Unfortunatly when I got to the top of the little hill I realized that it went straight down on the other side. I am really quite proud of myself I didn't even swear. Anyhow I crashed straight down in the snow. So picture this, the snow mobile goes straight down, my legs fly up into the air and my face smashes into the handle bars. I was being safe so I had a helmet on but......the helmet was loose so the covering for the mouth gets shoved up into my nose. I kept my grip on the handle bars so when the machine and I landed I flopped to one side. I had the wind knocked out of me so for a minute I just lay there and the first thought I had was I am so done. No more riding for me. After I lay there for a minute I felt something drip down the side of my face. Great I was bleeding. I was pretty shaky so it took me a minute to get my helmet off. I was bleeding from both sides of my nose, I didn't have anything with me but my gloves so they became my tissue to stop the bleeding. By this time some of the other people with me saw me laying on the ground and had come over. At this point I realized that I was lucky that the snow was so deep. My right leg was under the machine, since the snow was so deep my leg had sunk some so it was not hurt. I was not done though since we had a machine for each person I had to drive myself back to the trailers. I did okay but I was pretty shaken up.

Today I have a brusied and swollen nose, a small cut under my nose and above my lip. I do feel like I was run over by a truck, I am sore all over.

I am lucky I wasn't hurt worse. It was a lot of fun though and I will probably go again but not too soon!

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