Thursday, October 16, 2008

Boy has it been a while

Well like with all things I have had good intentions of keeping this updated. Wow it has been a long time. I have 25 students in my 4th grade class. They are all great kids. We just finished one of the funest units ever on rocks and minerals. ( I know it doesn't sound fun but it was a blast ) We are getting ready to start new units on soil and Native Americans.

BreeAnn, Savanah, and Chance all moved with me to Mountainville. They are really enjoying the new school. They would probably like it more if I didn't have the access to their teachers, they can't get anything past me now!

Kaylin is at Lehi Jr and having a great time socially and is even learning a few things when we can get her to put down the Japanese Anime! She has an appointment in a week to get her braces off.

BreeAnn will get to keep her braces for a while. When hers go off a set will go on for Savanah.

Oh the expensive things we do for our kids!

I am hoping that Chance will get to skip that opportunity but who knows.